Club Personnel

Club Officers & Board of Directors

President: John Jacon
Vice President: Carl Thomas
Past President: Julie Chanatry
Secretary: Sean Lanigan
Treasurer: Brad Anderson
2013-2016: Doug Hurd, George Brown
2014-2017: Pam Jones, Jim Rishel
2015-2018: Jennifer Turner, Joel Scherer
GNCC representative: Roger Rowlett
Assistant Treasurer, Dues: Ann Stuhlman

Other UCC Personnel

ABC Officer: Dan Bareiss
Adaptive Curling: Bob Prenoveau
Caterer: Soup to Nuts Catering, Dominick Rose
Charity Challenge: Carol Jones
College Curling: M.J. Walsh, Roger Rowlett
Corporate Events: Berni DiMeo
Club Manager: Dominick Rose
Curlogram: Ann Kebabian
Drawmaster: Mike Kessler
E-mail Announcements: Joyce Shaffer, Ann Kebabian (emergency backup)
Finance Committee: Brad Anderson, Mike Swiercz
Golf Tournament: Anne Stuhlman, Julie Chanatry, Brenda & Phil Citriniti, Barb Felice, Don Knapp, Conrad & Knyoca Law, Jim Schafer, Tom Thorngren
Group Outings: Berni DiMeo
Historian: Joel Scherer
House Committee: David Russell, Sue Williams
Ice Committee: Dave Mitchell, Charlie Schatz, Tom Clark, Joe Cosentino, Dave Palazzoli, John Spicer, Gary White
Ice Rentals: Berni DiMeo
Ice Technician: David Mitchell
Instruction: Roger Rowlett, M.J. Walsh
Kiltie Korner: Jen Turner
Kitchen Liaison: Barb Felice
Media Coordinator: Matt Hames
Membership: Carol Jones
Nominating: Neal Burns
Procedures Manual: Stu Card
Rockmaster: Roger Rowlett
Roster: Cindy Brown
R.O.C.K. Program (youth): Marena Taverne
Security: Dale Jones
Sponsorships: Mike Lennon, Bryn Davis
Web site: Roger Rowlett, M.J. Walsh
Youth Charity Challenge: Audrey Foote

Men's Leagues

Charbonneau: Mike Kessler
Men's Ladder: Jerry Stevens

Men's Bonspiels

Mitchell: Brian Moore
Murray: Matt Hames, Mike Kessler, Jason Brien, Jason Golubski
Gordon International: Fred Hicks

Past Presidents

Glengarry Executive Committee

President: Jacquelyn Schmidt
Vice President: Coleen Welch
Secretary: Jan Rishel
Treasurer: Melissa Foote
Past President: none
2016 member: Eileen Sunderhaft
2017 member: Tami Dunnigan
2018 member: Amy White
USWCA representative: Peggy Rotten

Glengarry Committees

Daytime Scheduling: Peggy Rotton, Meredith Rofaro
Empire State Playdowns:
Evening Scheduling: Lis DeGironimo, Julie Chanatry, Melon Sofinski, M.J. Walsh
Nominating Committee:
Rules: M.J. Walsh, Julie Chanatry, Lis DeGironimo, Joyce Schaffer, Melon Sofinski
Sunshine: Doreen Hayes

Women's Leagues

Daytime: Peggy Rotton, Meredith Rofaro
Evening: Lis DeGironimo

Women's Bonspiels

Empire State Playdowns:
Glengarry Challenge: Michelle MacEnroe, Erlene Puleo, Donna Caleo, Jan Rishel

Mixed & Open Leagues

Fun & Fitness:
Happy Hour:
King's Cup:
Open League: Mike Kesler

Mixed Bonspiels

Calder-Conley Hurd:
Friendly Early-Bird:
College: M.J. Walsh & Roger Rowlett
Mixed Championships:
"Our House is Your House": Carol Jones
Utica Rochester Friendly:

Past Glengarry Presidents

Upcoming Events

1)  Tue Oct 06, 2015 05:45 pm
All-American Bonspiel
A medal event sponsored by the USWCA and competed for, separately, in clubs all across the country. USWCA members only. Tue, Thu, Wed, Oct 6,8, & 14. Details.
2)  Tue Oct 06, 2015 07:30 pm
Try Curling
Try Curling. Meet members and get an on-ice introduction to the sport. Tue-Fri Oct 6-9, 7:30-9:00 pm. Open to the public.
3)  Mon Oct 12, 2015 06:00 pm
Learn to Curl Clinic
A crash course curling skills clinic designed to get new members ready for leagues. Subject to member interest. Free to new members.
4)  Mon Oct 12, 2015 07:00 pm
Rink draft
Rink League skips choose their teams.
5)  Sat Oct 17, 2015 04:00 pm
Our House is Your House Bonspiel
Full bonspiel experience for guests and new members. Dinner and dancing afterwards. Fees and details.