UCC Rules for Mixed Curling

The following rules, having been adopted by the Mixed Curling Committee, shall apply to all competitions for which it is responsible. Any changes to these rules must be by action of that committee. Two categories of rules are covered: Basic Rules and Rules for Specific Competitions. The latter supplement the Basic Rules as appropriate.

Basic Rules


  • Skips shall be responsible for observance of the rules and for insuring that play proceeds with all reasonable speed. In that regard, it is expected that eight end games will take no more than two hours to complete. Also, it is expected that six end games will take no more than one and half-hours to complete.
  • Rules of the Grand National Curling Club of America shall govern all aspects of the game not covered hereunder.
  • The Event Chairs and/or the Mixed Committee reserve the right to rule in case of any unanticipated or unusual problem.
  • The distribution of prizes in cases where a mixed team consists of other than two married couples shall be the responsibility of the skip of that team.
  • Failure to abide by event rules shall result in the forfeiture of the game in which the violation occurred.


  • Men and women shall play alternate positions. Team positional changes must be reported to the Event Chair or designee no later than thirty minutes prior to each game. Team lineups in the finals will become the lineups of record.
  • A team is permitted a maximum of two substitutes per game. Substitutes must play in the position that would have been held by the absent team members or in a lower position. A substitute who plays for the same person in more than half of a team's games becomes a permanent team member. If the substitute and original team member play an equal number of games (greater than one), the one to play last is the member of record.
  • Substitutes may be drawn only from non-participants or from teams already knocked out of the competition, with a reasonable attempt made to be of comparable skill level.
  • In case of the unplanned withdrawal of a player during a game due to illness or emergency, the team may continue with three players only if a sub is not available.
  • In the finals of any event, there shall be no more than one substitute in the skip and vice-skip position and no more than one substitute in the second and lead positions. Substitutes in the finals shall be subject to prior approval of the Chair.
  • All regular mixed events should try for M-F-M-F or F-M-F-M team lineups, unless an event specifically prescribes a different format (e.g., Battle of the Sexes). The Mixed Championship, Marie Cobb UCC Bonspiel, and events accepting ONLY team signups, MUST follow this format. Events that also accept single or couple signups should follow this format to the maximum extent possible. However, if all reasonable means have been exhausted to follow this format, event chairs may, at their discretion, create 3M/1F or 3F/1M teams to maximize participation in their event.
  • It is expected that each team will have four players for each game. The Rose, Mixed Bonspiel, Mixed Championship, Calder-Conley-Hurd and Friendly-Early Bird MUST follow this rule. For other events, if a substitute is needed and one cannot be found, the game may be played with three players.


  • All games are eight ends, including the finals, except as modified by the Rules for Specific Competitions.
  • A team not prepared to begin when the bell is rung for start of play will be penalized one point and one end for each 15 minute delay up to 45 minutes, after which time the game will be forfeited.
  • Ties are played off with a full extra end.
  • Thirds shall measure stones (except when referees have been designated) and post scores after each end. If no referee has been designated, Thirds may jointly agree to have any experienced curler measure stones. Thirds shall fill out scorecards, enter names and positions of subs, sign and turn cards to chair after game.


  • Scoring rules for competitions played on points is as follows:
    • Win: 5 points
    • Each end: 1 point
    • Blank end: 1/2 point
    • Each stone counting: 1/4 point
  • Extra ends played to break ties only determine the winner and do NOT otherwise contribute to the score.
  • Forfeits are scored as follows:
    • 8 end game: 11 1/4 points (win+5 ends+5 stones)
    • 6 end game: 10 points (win+4 ends+4 stones)
    • 4 end game: 8 3/4 points (win+3 ends+3 stones)
  • Tiebreakers:
    • First: Most games won
    • Second: Most ends won
    • Third: Fewest points to opponents
    • Then: Flip a coin

Rules for Specific Competitions

Calder Conley Hurd Bonspiel
Cobb Mixed Bonspiel
Crawford League
Friendly Early Bird Bonspiel
Happy Hour League
Kings Cup League
Mixed Championship
Our House is Your House Bonspiel
Rose Bonspiel
Turkey Spiel
Utica Rochester Friendly

Battle of the Sexes (inactive)
  • This is a one-night event with a very unusual format and no sensible rules can be defined.
  • The Chair will decide on and post rules after clearing with the Mixed Committee.
Open Mixed (inactive)
  • Played on available Saturday nights with prizes, if any, determined at the discretion of the Chair.
  • Winner determined by event special rules.
  • Sign up as singles or couples. The Chair will set up teams.
Prize Spiel (inactivate)
  • This is a one-day points event. Each participant receives a prize commensurate with final standings.
  • Each team will curl two 4-end games.
  • Ties will not be played off.

The Mixed Committee has approved the following revisions:
Revision 1 - February, 1994
Revision 2 - January, 1997
Revision 3 - September 1997
Revision 4 - October 1997
Revision 5

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