King's Cup

A fun mixed league with 6-end games. Dedicated to Jim and Marie King, long-time members and supporters of mixed curling. The Spirit of Curling Award will be bestowed on a team that mentors new curlers, exhibits fair play and good sportsmanship, and makes the game enjoyable.

When: Fridays, 4:30 pm, 6:15 pm; 8:00 pm; 2nd half Fridays, 5:30 pm, 7:30 pm
Chairs: Joyce Shaffer, Jennifer Turner

Teams and Schedule

5:30 PM draw
7:30 PM draw

Current Standings

Current champions

2019 Fall Kings Cup Champions
John Taverne (vice), Natalie Shelton (lead)*, Dave Randal (2nd), Bob Prenoveau (skip)

Spirit of Curling Award Winners

Fall 2019 (5:30): John Caneen, Charlie Schatz, Elizabeth Ford, Linda Krumme
Fall 2019 (7:30): Carrie Casab, Steve Gorrell, Bruce Fike, Richard Whippo*
Winter 2019 (5:30): Bob Caine, Jan Rishel, Roger Gates, Linda Straub (N)
Winter 2019 (7:30): Liz Nolan, Dan Reed, Brian Levi (N), Alison Dunn (N)
Fall 2018: Elizabeth Ford, skip; Charlie Schatz, Julie Gedros, James Bay (N)
Fall 2018: Bob Prenoveau, Skip; Scott Lent, Kathy Kane (N), Frank Kopyt (N)
Fall 2018: Brenda & Stu Card (coaches, all-new curling teams)
Fall 2016 (5:30): Joyce Shaffer, Jim Dell'Anno, Laura Lake, Dan Simon
Fall 2016 (7:30): Jerry Stevens, Marena Taverne, Dave Preznya, Kimberly Lambing
Winter 2016 (5:30): Bob Prenoveau
Winter 2016 (7:30): Joel Scherer
Fall 2015 (5:30): Fred Hicks, Jan Rishel, Pat Milhako, Marianne Turczyn (N)
Winter 2014 (7:30): Bob Burnett, Liz Nolan, Dave Mitchell, Israel Acosta (N)

Historical Results

Standings for the King's Cup were not tracked from fall 2014 through winter 2018.
Fall 2019 Winter 2019Fall 2018201320122011 20102009200820072006

Previous Winners

Standings for the King's Cup were not tracked from fall 2014 through winter 2018.
2019: Bob Prenoveau, John Taverne, Dave Randal, Natalie Shelton*
2018: Karen Barnes, Mike Hurd, Monica Costa, Tony Campagana
2013: Roger Rowlett, Knyoca Law, Mike DiMeo, Jeff White
2012: Mike Swiercz, Erlene Puleo, Joe Puleo, Dee Pfohl
2011: Bob Caine, Diane Caine, Rich Wielgosz, Mary Boak
2010: Eric Hauser, Laura Jacon, Tom Platt Sr., Ann Kebabian
2009: Bob Burnett, M.J. Walsh, Jerry Stevens, Jim Barefoot
2008: Don Knapp, M.J. Walsh, Bill Turner, Erin Hauser
2007: Karen Rogowski, Mike Kessler, Kim Freely, Pete Callari
2006: Don Knapp, Teale LaBarbera, Alex Ryan*, Rachel Ryan*
2005: Kathy Davis, John Davis, Teale LaBarbara, Bob Prenoveau
2004: Pat Costello, Brenda Card, Tomm Platt Sr., Marty Jones
2003: Vinnie Grove, Heather Swiercz, Tom Platt Sr., Cameo Voltz*
2001: Bill Morehouse, Ginger Zillioux, Doug Pens, Eileen Pens
2000: John Davis, Jane Jones, Tom Fritz, Nancy Guido

*denotes new curler (when known)

Previous winners (all events)


Basic Mixed Rules

King's Cup Standing Rules

  1. This is the fun mixed league that runs the 1st & 2nd half of the year. The winner of the Jim King Spirit of Curling Award will be determined at the discretion of the Mixed Committee. The Spirit of Curling Award will go to one team from each half, that mentors new curlers, exhibits fair play, good sportsmanship and makes the game enjoyable.
  2. Games are six ends with skip’s draw to the button in the event of a tie. The winning team will score +1 and the losing team will score -1 for the game. Sweepers may sweep skip’s stone, the opponent can NOT sweep. SKIPS ARE ASKED TO THROW THEIR LAST STONE. IT MAY NOT EFFCT YOUR STANDING IN THE FINALS, BUT IT HAS A TRICKLE-DOWN EFFECT.
  3. Sub Rules: When a team member is away on a bonspiel, four (4) subs are allowed. Under no circumstances can a team be composed of 4 men or 4 women, or the game will be declared a forfeit. At the Chair’s discretion, teams do not have to be man/women format. When possible, there should be a man/women in the skip and third position. In the Spirit of Curling, substitutes for all positions should be of equal skill level or less to the player being replaced. All substitutes in the finals must be approved by the King’s Cup Chairs. In the finals, if Skip and Third are not available, the Chairs will approve comparable substitutes and the front end will be allowed to play.
  4. A new curler is considered 3 years and under. Each team will be assigned a new curler according to membership and discretion of the chairs.
  5. Scoring: No more that +10 points will be given for a win. Forfeit will be +10 points and + 4 ends. If a team concedes the game before the completion of an end, the score of the end is determined by USCA Rules: When a team concedes the game before the completion of an end, the score of the end is determined at that time, in the following manner:
    • (i) If both teams still have stones to be delivered, "X"s are placed on the scoreboard.
    • (ii) When only one team has delivered all of their stones:
      • (1) If the team that delivered all of its stones has the stone(s) counting, no points are given, "X"s are placed on the scoreboard
      • (2) If the team that did not deliver all of its stones has stone(s) counting, these points are given and placed on the scoreboard.
      • (3) If no stones are counting, "X"s are placed on the scoreboard

Twelve teams will play in the finals, Friday, December 14, 6:00pm.
  • Four (4) of the top winners from EACH of the three (3) draws will play in the finals.
  • We will use the SAME tiebreaker rules as the Mixed uses.
      • First - Most Games won
      • Second - Most Ends won
      • Third - Fewest Points to opposition
      • Then - Flip a coin

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